I started out this blog to write about my travellings in Japan, where I went hitchhiking and couchsurfing by myself for 5 weeks in the summer of 2013. During those weeks I have met so many people and have done so many new things, and I felt the need to share these experiences. After coming back, I mean to continue doing that same thing: that is meeting people, doing new things and sharing.

The content I share can vary quite much. I mean to use this blog for travelling reports, for sharing my music and for posting any ideas or opinions that might be of interest to others. Ideally, this blog would be interactive. I would absolutely love it if you, anyone, would comment (briefly or extendedly), send me messages, share your opinion about anything I post, send links of what you find inspiring, fun, interesting or simply: worth sharing.

Since this started out as a travelling blog and partially will continue to be one, some posts will still be aimed at an international target group. So I will sometimes write in English, sometimes in Dutch. Whatever language I feel like writing in at that moment :).

Feel free to drop a message, have a look at my facebookpage, or check out my Youtube channel.

I invite you to browse a bit through the content I created here, and dive in!